carrot and hazelnut pesto
pasta with pistachio pesto
strawberry and limoncello tiramisù
sicilian pasta with tuna

Sicilian pasta with tuna and sun-dried tomatoes

  This Sicilian pasta is actually more Sicily-inspired…
spaghettoni shiitake chilli

Spaghettoni with shiitake and chilli

This little recipe is quick, easy and very, very satisfying.…
Orecchiette di grano arso with pumpkin

Orecchiette with pumpkin, pink onion & rosemary

From January 7 to 9 I've been once again acting as Resident…
semifreddo parfait chocolate rosemary pine nuts

Semifreddo with pine-nuts, rosemary, chocolate and almond brittle

  A little, wonderfully creamy dessert represents…
romanesco broccoli and plaice soup

Roman Christmas Eve soup with romanesco broccoli and plaice

For Italian site dedicated to promoting…

Insalata nizzarda/salade Niçoise

  A French dish with an Italian twist: the Niçoise…
Sangriella cocktail

Sangriella, my Italian take on sangría

Sangría is one of my favourite cocktails and yesterday I…