Italian catering in Amsterdam


La Cucina del Sole also means catering in Amsterdam and private dining with style. Original regional dishes such as a complete Sicilian menu or all-round classics like antipasti, pasta dishes, soups, salads, meat and fish dishes and dolci (desserts) are among the many possibilities. We’ll decide together what the menu will look and taste like based on your requests and on our appetizing proposals. Let us provide you with a memorable food experience for breakfast/brunch, lunch, cocktail/aperitif, dinner, meeting, party and any other event you may want to organize!

We can provide you with:
lunch catering (sandwiches, soup, savoury pies, salads and desserts)
sandwich catering (an ample choice of Italian/international sandwiches in nice paper bags – packaged with napkin, drink, fruit, sweet and/or healthy treats and more is also a possibility)
salad catering (a range of rich, nutricious and satisfying types of salad, with a choice of different breads)
soup catering (a range of tasty, filling and comforting soups, with a choice of different breads)
home catering (birthday, family celebration, party etc)
office catering (breakfast, meeting, party, cocktail/aperitif with canapés and nibbles, etc)
vegetarian/vegan catering (if you’d like a completely vegetarian or vegan catering we can offer you the best since the Italian cuisine if full of wonderful vegetarian/vegan dishes)
trade fairs catering (snacks, lunch, tea/coffee with friandises, dinner etc)
exhibitions catering (cocktail/aperitif with canapés and nibbles, lunch, dinner etc)
art gallery openings catering (finger food, cocktail/aperitif with canapés and nibbles etc)
crew catering for film, TV & theater (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner)
wedding catering (from finger food & bubbles to a complete festive lunch/dinner)
Christmas and other festivities catering (special dishes for special days!)
luxury catering (special finger food & nibbles with exclusive ingredients)
picknick catering (we prepare lovely baskets filled with great food, Prosecco/wine/other drinks, nibbles, napkins, and all you need for a perfect picknick)
boat trip catering (we prepare lovely baskets or bags filled with great food, Prosecco/wine/other drinks, nibbles, napkins, and all you need for a perfect boat trip)

We can prepare great and authentic Italian dishes which will be served at the location of your choice (catering) or at our own location in Amsterdam (private dining).

We can also make your Italian meal really complete with a fantastic choice of Italian wines thanks to our extensive network of befriended wine importers and sellers. Owner and chef Nicoletta is a certified sommelier with AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) and she can create excellent wine/food pairings to match the dishes of your choice.

We can also provide a variety of other menus originating from other world cuisines, for example a classic chili con carne with rice, tortillas and vegetables, a spicy Moroccan lamb stew with couscous and fragrant veggies or a tasty Spanish tortilla with chorizo and baked potatoes served with a rich salad.  Our cooks are experts and the possibilities are endless!

We use only pure, fresh and, whenever available, organic ingredients and original Italian products. Moreover, quality and love are our favourite and main ingredients.

Some of the many catering possibilities:

Breakfast catering: from cute little brown paper bags or paper baskets filled with a healthy and wholesome breakfast “on the go” (think for example fresh fruit, fruit juice/mineral water and a sandwich) to a complete breakfast or brunch with yoghurt, cereals, cookies, eggs, sandwiches, ready-to-snack veggies, fresh fruit, salads, fruit juices, Prosecco or Champagne and a lot more, either buffet style or beautifully served at a nicely set table.

Lunch catering: in handy paper bags or paper baskets, buffet style or served at a nicely set table, our lunches are always a treat. You can choose several Italian and internationally oriented sandwiches, salads, soups, ready-to-snack and healthy bite-sized veggies with tasty dips, warm dishes, fresh fruit, fruit salads, you name it!

Cocktail nibbles & drinks: our canapés, antipasti, finger foods and nibbles are perfect to accompany a glass of wine or chilled Prosecco. Ask us for our special party selection of little dishes/snacks. A wines/drinks list is also available.

Dinner catering: a proper 3, 4, 5 or more courses menu for a sitting dinner or a buffet with easy-to-serve warm and cold dishes for the perfect walking dinner, an abundant and varied choice of finger foods and antipasti. The choice is yours!
A wines/drinks list is also available.

Should you wish another type of catering, please send us a message with your ideas.

Please contact us for a quotation based on your specific wishes.

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