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At La Cucina del Sole you can organize a private cooking class with your own group perfectly tailored for a a bachelor/ette party, a dinner with friends or a family reunion. One of the advantages of such a cooking workshop is that you can book a date entirely according to your schedule and that of the other participants.
Come and learn how to cook real Italian food from real Italian chefs!

The minimum number of participants is 8. With less than 8 participants the total price is € 894,96.
The maximum number of participants is 22.

THE EXPERIENCE: you are welcomed with one glass of Italian bubbles, other drinks (red & white wine, Italian 0% and alcoholic beer, water, fruit juice) and nibbles. After the first glass the teacher explains the recipes with the tips and tricks and the cooking can start! Preparing dinner takes about 1,5 hour, with drinks and nibbles, then all the dishes prepared are enjoyed at the table, accompanied by good Italian wines. The class lasts a maximum of 3 hrs in total.

The price of 111,87 euro p.p. of our cooking sessions includes (per person): Prosecco/Spumante and unlimited drinks  with nibbles at arrival, snacks while cooking, all ingredients + cooking and dining, unlimited Italian wines while eating, unlimited Italian beer/ 0% beer and other non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea, limoncello or other liqueur, recipes for cooking the chosen menu at home, use of aprons and cleaning after cooking.

PLEASE NOTE: this class is only for private groups and not for team building, which means you don’t get an invoice. To organise a team building please go to this page.




For the evening workshops with own group you can choose one of the following seasonal or thematic menus. Most menus can also be made suitable for vegetarians and vegans (the pasta workshop is not suitable for vegans).

The starting time of these classes can vary between 16:30 and 19:00 hr. (thus everything in between too).


The starter is rich crostini with a tangy green olive and fresh herbs pesto, garnished with oven-roasted cherry tomatoes. The main is hand-made spaghetti with a puttanesca sauce, a frittata with caramelized onions, a vibrant mixed salad with lettuce, tomato and steamed veggies in a lemon, lime, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs dressing, plus a calzone stuffed with courgette and cheese. Our dessert is a rich ricotta cream with chocolate and fresh fruit.
ALLERGENS: gluten, dairy, eggs



The Sicilian cuisine is the result of an amazing melting pot since Sicily has hosted lots of different populations (Greeks, Arabs, Normans and so forth). The richness of her cuisine is therefore immense.
We start with a dish from the island of Pantelleria: crostini con pesto pantesco, crunchy crostini with a basil and almond pesto. The main course is a wonderful chicken stew with Grillo white wine, vegetables, capers and olives, some of the island’s wonderful products. For the vegetarians we prepare a delicious savoury tart with sundried tomatoes, olives and oregano. Couscous with mixed vegetables and fresh herbs and caponata (the Sicilian ratatouille) are the rich and elaborate side dishes. Cassata siciliana is our sweet masterpiece: a rich base soaked in Marsala – Sicilian liqueur wine – filled with a sweet ricotta cream enriched with chocolate and candied orange peels. Some great Sicilian wines will of course complete our meal and help us appreciate even better the wonderful cuisine of this amazing island.
ALLERGENS: gluten, dairy, eggs, nightshades, nuts



Eating Antipasti – the “Italian tapas” – is one of the best ways to have lunch or dinner because you get the chance to taste more dishes than during a “standard” meal. We cook several dishes that can vary based on the available seasonal ingredients. Amongst others, a selection of these piatti: Italian meatballs in tomato sauce, tartlets with cherry tomatoes and thyme, parmigiana di zucchine, an oven dish with courgette, Parmesan cheese, basil and tomato, crostini with a lemony herb ricotta, pomodori ripieni di riso (oven-baked tomatoes stuffed with risotto rice and herbs), frittata alle erbe (a classic Italian egg dish with fresh herbs and onions), peperoni gratinati (bell peppers au gratin with a crunchy topping) and a creative deconstructed caprese salad in a glass.
Our dessert is a delicious panna cotta with red wine jelly (or apple jelly for those who don’t want/can’t have wine).
ALLERGENS: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts



We’re starting our meal with wonderful, spicy crostini with Tuscan bean hummus and fresh herbs. Our primo piatto is handmade pappardelle pasta with an intense roasted tomatoes sauce. The secondo is a wonderful tart with crunchy pastry stuffed with courgette, ricotta, pancetta and eggs (also in vegetarian version). The side dishes are Tuscan stuffed tomatoes and sautéed potatoes with red onions and garlic.
The dessert is zuccotto, a delicious Florentine cake with a very creamy filling, plus a glass of vin Santo or limoncello. Coffee/tea are of course the finishing touch.
ALLERGENS: gluten, milk, eggs, nightshades



The Italian cuisine is perfect even when you decide to eat vegan. Nicoletta, La Cucina del Sole founder and owner, eats preferably vegan at home and loves to develop recipes that are both nutritious, tasty and fun to make.

We start with crostini with a lemony green olives and parsley pesto followed by a rustico, an oven-baked savoury pie stuffed with mixed vegetables and herbs. We also make two side dishes (an eggless frittata with caramelized onions and sun-dried tomatoes plus a colourful caponata (the Sicilian ratatouille with lots of veggies and basil). Our dessert is a luscious vegan panna cotta made with coconut cream and topped by a red wine jelly (or apple jelly for those who don’t want/can’t have wine).

ALLERGENS: gluten, celery, nightshades, nuts

The p.p. price of € 111,87 includes: Prosecco with nibbles at arrival plus unlimited wine/beer, snacks while cooking, all ingredients + cooking and dining, all Italian wines while eating, unlimited Italian beer/0% beer and other non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea, limoncello or other liqueur, recipes for cooking at home, use of aprons and cleaning after cooking.

Special requirements: what else can we do for you?
Do you have any special requirements? Would you like to cook an all vegetarian menu? Or is there somebody allergic to specific ingredients? Would you prefer the spoken language and that of the working recipes to be Dutch or English?
We would be happy to hear that from you so that we can organize the perfect cooking workshop for you and your group!

Italian cooking class Amsterdam

A few images from yesterday’s “Cooking with HOPE” event organised by @jasplayingwithfood to raise funds for playful and creative activities for the children in Palestine.

We made delicious food and had a great evening together. 💚

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🌱 Wild garlic is very tasty and so abundant in Spring that it’s a pity not to forage it.
Get yourself some while it’s still in season, and use it for this quick recipe.

🌱 My dear friend @jasplayingwithfood and I went to pick some in the park right after a beautiful Spring shower, and immediately transformed it into this creamy pesto.

🌱 The taste is subtler and more delicate than the one provided by real garlic, yet totally garlicky. Get the smallest, most tender leaves - plus some flowers for garnishing, if you want: they’re edible too.

🌱 For about 80-100 grams of leaves use 70 grams of grated Parmesan, 60 grams of almonds, salt, pepper, enough extra virgin olive oil and some water.
Mix well until creamy and smooth and enjoy with crostini, pasta, salads, cheese and whatever else you prefer.

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