pizza workshop

Learn how to make pizza like a pro!
During this workshop we prepare two types of dough: one for pizza romana (the thin-crusted one) and one for the pizza napoletana (the thicker one).

You prepare our own doughs and then choose the ingredients you prefer for our pizzas. They will all be displayed and available on the big kitchen table so that you can prepare the pizzas of your dreams with only the stuff you like the most.
Think of vegetables ready to be nicely grilled, mozzarella, provolone and gorgonzola cheeses. And tuna, capers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes. Or what about ham, salami, Parmesan and rucola? Or fresh herbs, champignons, artichoke hearts and anchovies? And have you ever tried the DIVINE pizza bianca with Parmesan, potatoes and rosemary???
You’ll also learn how to make calzone and focaccia!

All the pizzas will then be cooked on super hot pizza stones or in the mini pizza oven so that they become wonderfully crunchy and we’ll enjoy them with a couple of glasses of good wine or with some great Italian beer (did you know that Italians mostly drink beer and not wine with their pizza?).

Date: Sunday 28 August 2022 SOLD OUT; Saturday 3 September 2022 SOLD OUT; Wednesday 30 November 2022

Time: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 18.00 – 22.00 h. – Saturday 10.30 – 14.00 h.; Sunday 16.30 – 20.30 h.

Price: € 94,00 p.p. all-in (Prosecco with nibbles at arrival, all wines, Italian beers & non-alcholic drinks – Italian mineral water, fruite juice etc. – coffee/tea, liqueur/limoncello, recipes for home, use of apron, cleaning/washing up).