Midori Green Salt Grinders

In December 2020 Nicoletta, founder of La Cucina del Sole, launched her own food line called Midori Green Salt.

This line of food products includes several artisanal herbal salts made with tasty, fragrant herbs and pure Italian sea salt, fresh home-made pesto and other yummy condiments.
They make every home-cooked dish so much better! From simple boiled potatoes (try them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and our Chives, Parsley & Oregano salt!) to a Sunday roast, a summery heap of grilled meat, any chicken dish, a trendy avocado toast or a vegetarian (or not) bolognese. They’re just WONDERFUL! And yes, we are a tad biased, but it’s totally true! Just try them and you’ll tell us. 🙂

You can find all our products in our Midori Green Salt webshop and also in our La Cucina del Sole webshop. See you there!

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