zimin chard and chickpea soup

Zimin (Ligurian chickpea and chard soup)

This is the perfect detox soup after the heavier festive meals. It originates from Liguria, Italy, and it’s quite easy to make. It’s one of my family recipes and I love to prepare it with rainbow chard. Plain chard and wild spinach are great too!
little gem boats with aubergine cream
carrot and hazelnut pesto
spaghettoni shiitake chilli

Spaghettoni with shiitake and chilli

This little recipe is quick, easy and very, very satisfying.…
romanesco broccoli and plaice soup

Roman Christmas Eve soup with romanesco broccoli and plaice

For Italian site Principessaplatessa.it dedicated to promoting…

Insalata nizzarda/salade Niçoise

  A French dish with an Italian twist: the Niçoise…
Vegan bolognese sauce

Vegetarian / vegan “bolognese” sauce

  As the ” “ in title suggest, this sauce is…
easter salad with radicchio egg cashews and avocado 2

Easter salad with radicchio, pear, cashews and avocado

  This elegant salad with lovely bittersweet notes…
home-made healthy chocolate spread

Home-made chocolate spread

  Nowadays we can buy a LOT of ready-made food that…
Sweet potato and courgette spaghetti salad with a Thai touch

Sweet potato and courgette spaghetti salad with a Thai touch

This salad is inspired by the Thai cuisine, maybe my favourite…