pasta with pistachio pesto pistachepesto

A quick and easy pasta recipe that’s yummy and super fast to make. This pistachio pesto is originally a Sicilian recipe and I gave it a little twist by adding almonds and pine-nuts. In Sicily you can find several versions, one of which with the addition of a few basil leaves. Also quite nice!

This time I prepared it with just nuts and Parmesan cheese, plus a hint of garlic, and I added the basil on top of the finished dish.
I usually make a big batch because it keeps beautifully in the fridge for at least 2-3 days: just make sure you store it in a clean glass jar with a layer of olive oil on top to avoid oxidation (that’s when it gets darker and the taste changes, not for the better).
I also make it quite dense so that it takes less space in the jar. I then simply dilute it with a bit of the hot pasta cooking water for instant creaminess whenever I need it.

I made this recipe a bit “fusion” by using an olive oil from another region, my beloved Puglia: the wonderful “Mia Poesia” extra virgin olive oil by Raffaeli. Any other fruity Southern Italian olive oil will do but remember to use a very good one: the simplicity of this dish requires the best ingredients.
A bit like all of the dishes in the Italian cuisine, right? The fact that we Italians mostly use few ingredients – less is more – is compensated by their superior quality and taste.

My pasta of choice is linguine but you can use any other shape you fancy: pesto is one of those sauces that “dress” just any pasta beautifully.

So watch the video and then get cooking!

Thank you Luca Bono Studio for filming and editing, working with you was fun! 🙂

You can find the written recipe and more photos under the video.
You can find this video also on my Youtube channel.

Linguine con pesto di pistacchi

Serves 2-3


60 gr. raw almonds, shelled
150. gr. raw pistachios, shelled
60 gr. raw pine-nuts, shelled
100 gr. grated Parmesan cheese
2 cloves of garlic
1 organic lemon
extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of sea salt

PLUS: 180 gr. of linguine
some basil leaves to garnish

Grate the lemon rind really finely with a kitchen grater.
Put it in the kitchen robot and add all the other ingredients plus enough e.v. olive oil (I used about 1,5 dl.) to make the pesto creamy but thick. Mix until obtain the desired texture.

If you like, add a little oil for more creaminess.

Cook the linguine al dente in abundant salted water and drain.
Keep aside some of the cooking water and use it to dilute the pesto.

Toss the hot linguine with the pesto in a big bowl and serve garnished wth a few basil leaves.

pasta with pistache pesto

pasta with pistachio pesto pistachepesto