MASTERCLASS Italian Pastries and Desserts

Come learn how to make some of Italy’s classic dolci (pastries) and desserts! Every Italian region has different sweet treats and you’ll learn how to make – and taste – some of the most wonderful ones chosen by our native chefs. This workshop is an Italian High Tea during which you will taste all the dishes you prepare and bring home with you the rest. You make all four the dishes in groups of 2-3 pp.
This is a class for a small group so that you can make all the dishes on the menu.


Canestrelli cookies, wonderfully crunchy, crumbly and buttery cookies. A flower-shaped delicacy from the Liguria region;
Crostatine con confettura ai frutti di bosco, crumbly shortcrust pie shells stuffed with a fragrant mixed berries jam and topped with fresh fruit, a real Italian classic!
Baci di dama, the crunchy and tasty hazelnut and chocolate cookies from Piemonte;
Budino al cioccolato, this chocolade pudding with whipped cream is the king of the dolci al cucchiaio (desserts to eat with a spoon). So creamy and tasty!

What You Can Expect: During our workshops you work together with other students in a relaxed, hands-on environment under the guidance of our professional cooking instructors.

  • Classes last 3 hours max.
  • You work with other students in groups of 2-3 pp.
  • This workshop is limited to 8 students.
  • You will be standing, working and cooking for most of the time so make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and tie back long hair.
  • You will enjoy coffee/tea and other non-alcoholic drinks during the cooking class, plus a generous tasting of all the sweets.

This class does not include a lunch or dinner sitting at the table. You’ll prepare the sweets and enjoy a generous tasting with coffee/tea and other non-alcoholic drinks. The rest will be taken home and you’ll receive all the recipes by mail.

We encourage taking home left-overs/surplus so please take your own containers.

Should you have any allergies/intolerances/special dietary requirements, please state them when booking this workshop. Adjustments to recipes during the workshop are quite difficult and sometimes impossible. Thank you for your collaboration.

Date: Sunday 22 October 2023
Time: 15.00-18.00 h.
Price: 97,50 euro per person