Nicoletta_slide03La Cucina del Sole is looking for new colleagues who can teach the Italian cuisine the real Italian way.

Of course we’re going to make sure you get a proper training so that you can teach our menus independently and with confidence.

We’re looking for freelancers (with or without a Chamber of Commerce membership) with some experience in a professional kitchen and a true passion for the Italian cuisine and for teaching it to others. Italian nationals or from any other country (with a valid resident’s and work permit if you’re not a Dutch citizen), with an excellent knowledge of the English language and, possibily, of Dutch too. If you don’t speak Dutch it’s OK, as long as your English is good.

If you’re a ZZPer you will be sending us invoices (with VAT if you have a VAT identification number, and otherwise without it), while if you don’t have the ZZPer status you can simply send us a receipt and payments will be done straight to your bank account (in both cases you’ll be responsible for declaring your earnings to the Dutch Tax Office and for taking care of any other obligations).

We do not offer positions with a contract since we prefer to work with freelancers due to the irregular requests we receive from our clients.

Please send us a message to know more about working with us, thank you. If you send us a CV, please be so kind to include your date of birth (d/m/y) and a photo. Thank you! 🙂