Sangriella cocktail

Sangriella, my Italian take on sangría

Sangriella cocktail

Sangría is one of my favourite cocktails and yesterday I decided to make my own version with an Italian twist, which I named Sangriella.

To prepare it too, use a big carafe or pitcher for about 1 litre or else make half the quantity. It’s lightly sweet due to the use of Martini Bianco vermouth (I prefer to avoid soft drinks to sweeten my cocktails unless they’re Chinotto, which I love) and very refreshing.



Mix 2 dl strong red wine (I used an organic Sicilian Nero d’Avola), 2,5 dl prosecco, 2,5 dl fizzy mineral water, 1,5 dl Martini bianco or rosso (the sweet ones) and 1 dl of Campari, then add sliced nectarine, chunks of watermelon, lime slices and some ice cubes.

Leave to rest in the fridge for 1 hour before adding ice, prosecco and mineral water for more taste.

Use additional fizzy water/ice cubes if you want it less strong and enjoy with your aperitivo!

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