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Bologna is a city I’m totally in love with. Sono innamorata di Bologna!
I lived there the first 3 years of my life and my Mum always giggles when she reminds me of how I grew up eating tortelli (that’s how they call ravioli in Bologna) and tortellini every day, and that she and the nanny used to have to feed me together because I was too fast for just one person with a tortellino on her fork. In fact, I would loudly protest if another one wasn’t there for me already, PRONTO! I can easily say I haven’t changed much since then. ?

My love for this wonderful city isn’t just due to the AMAZING food it offers. I just realised how many people have no idea of how beautiful she is (yes, Bologna is a Lady!). A few days ago somebody told me he thought Bologna was just an industrial city, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bologna is a true jewel with her rich architectural treasures, from beautiful Medieval buildings to ancient palaces and towers, breathtaking churches, plus museums, art collections, quiet and luscious parks and a lot more. And the Bolognesi are laid back, kind and with a great sense of humour.
So this beauty is definitely worth a visit!

And then, there’s her food! If you love food like I do, then Bologna is paradise.
The little markets, the fresh pasta shops where you can see busy sfogline – the fantastic pasta ladies typical of Bologna – make their tagliatelle and tortellini faster than light, the ancient botteghe where they sell beautifully aged Parmigiano and incredibly tasty salumi (cured meats) plus the newest Eataly – the biggest one in the world with its 100.000 square meters and 48 restaurants! – all make of Bologna a dream destination for foodies.
That’s why Style in Travel had the brilliant idea of organizing a culinary holiday in this amazing city with/for me!

Join me in the discovery of foodie paradise Bologna!

We fly directly to Bologna and spend 3 great days together in a beautiful boutique hotel. This trip includes one cooking lesson and excursions to an organic Parmesan cheese producer, an aceto balsamico tradizionale producer and Fico Eataly! 

To book this culinary holiday click on this link.