Wednesday 13 & 27 September and 11 & 25 October 2023, 18.00 – 22.00 h.

(also suitable for vegetarians since every non-veg dish is also made in a vegetarian version)

This course is a follow up of the Basics of The Italian Cuisine PART 1 and we prepare some of the best and most surprising Italian classic and regional dishes. YOU DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW PART 1 PRIOR TO THIS COURSE.

Here a few of the recipes we make:

  • Lesson 1, “King Tomato”: all sorts of dishes with tomato, the real King of the Italian cuisine. Fresh tagliolini pasta “nests” with mozzarella and basil, oven-baked aubergines with cheese and lemony Sicilian sauce, tomatoes stuffed with pasta, pancetta and scamorza cheese – also in vegetarian version – and herby frittata strips from Milan in tomato sauce. Then stuffed bell peppers with pesto and cheese, fried panzerotti (mini stuffed calzone) with tomato and mozzarella from Puglia and more! A beautiful dessert, mini hazelnut cakes with layers of crunchy dough, cream and fresh fruit, is the sweet note.
  • Lesson 2, Beautiful, pure dishes: 4 cheeses terrine with nuts and pears served with home-made nut and figs bread, also perfect for our creamy mushroom paté. Chickpea&vegetables burgers with a spicy home-made salsa, aubergine “schnitzels”, plus a rustico (stuffed savoury pie) with cheese, courgette and meat, also in vegetarian version. Cookies filled with a sweet Limoncello cream and the famous “roses cake” from Mantua with home-made sabayon are our desserts.
  • Lesson 3, A stroll through the Italian regions: a wonderful focaccia barese with tomato and olives from Bari (Puglia), Sicilian arancini di riso, minestrone alla genovese. Sicilian layered potato cake with mozzarella and oregano, a mixed vegetables tartare with buckwheat and a basil “coulis”, spicy ricotta fritters from Calabria. As dessert the salame di cioccolata, a wonderful, chocolaty “salami” made with cocoa, almonds, butter and dates plus the soft soffione ricotta cake from Abruzzo.
  • Lesson 4, Easy and laborious at the same time: pumpkin gnocchi with butter and fresh herbs sauce, oven-baked mozzarella “cocottes” with tomato sauce, and a rich frittata with spaghetti. Little croquettes made with peas and ricotta, a quick pizza with pecorino, vegetables and fresh basil for every day. We also make rosted peppers stuffed with cream cheese and tuna (also in vegetarian version). The sweet finishing touch is represented by an innovative carb-free tiramisù-like dessert with fresh fruit and white chocolate.

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