Giarre Sicily beach

My culinary holidays in Sicily

I recently went to Sicily twice, in February and March, for my first culinary holidays organized together with Dutch travel agency Style in Travel (click here). I had been there before but this time I totally fell in love with this AMAZING island, enough to make me want to go back as soon as possibile. Guess where I’m going to spend my Summer holidays this year? 🙂

Lucky me, I’ll be back there even more often for a few more culinary holidays in October and November. Should you want to join me, you can do so by reading the whole programme here with the link to the booking page! The cookery lessons are perfectly suitable also for vegetarians and Sicily has a lot to offer having being a true melting pot of different cultures and people in the course of many centuries.

But let me just show you a little of what you’re going to find there (besides me and my three cooking lessons dedicated to the Sicilian cuisine, of course). Photos speak louder than words, so here we go.

P.S. if you want to see many more photos and videos from my two cooking holidays in Sicily so far please check my Instagram account (click here). In my profile you’ll find 4 saved stories with a lot more images.

And for a little “report” – with delicious recipes! – on this Sicilian holiday you can read Pat vd Wall-Bake Thompson’s (founder of Amsterdam’s first cooking school ever, La Cuisine Française) blog post here.

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